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   Introduction   Pruritus or itch refers to an uncomfortable sensation and emotional experience associated with an actual or perceived disturbance to the skin that provokes the desire to scratch.  [1]
  Scientific Committee Message “Evidence Based Dermatology - from concept to clinic” We are immensely pleased to invite you for a scientific feast specially customized for one & all. To address the rapid advances in the field of dermatology,
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Micriol plus
Aberration Neutral Optic. -Micriol plus is single piece lens with 4 haptics to provide wider angle of equatorial contact and more reliable centration in ease. -Designed using State of the art..... Read more
Category : Intraocular Lens
Company : Care Group
Speciality : Ophthalmology
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70th All India Ophthalmological Conference 2012

The Organizing Committee of the 70th AIOC welcome you to the conference website that will keep you updated with events, sessions and happenings connected with this conference. We encourage our...
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Annual conference of Glaucoma Society of India

Dates for Meeting : October 5,6 &7, 2012 at Coimbatore Organising Secretary: Prof. Sathyan Parthasarthi Instruction Courses: Instructions for those wanting to submit an Instruction Course Last...
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IOL power calculation in eyes that have undergone LASIK/PRK/RK

There are many website and material available that discuss IOL power calculation .
How we should calculate IOL Power if Pre lasik data is not available?

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